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The Traffic Guard 1/16th Scale Plastic Model Kit Tales From The Apocalypse Pre-order


When controlling traffic, he got hit by a runaway SUV and slammed against the construction vehicle behind him dying instantly. His right leg broken beyond repair, his body twisted, he’s still trying to perform his duty even as a zombie! A stop signboard and a helmet are included. The left arm can be either upholding the signboard or putting it down.

Unpainted, plastic model kit containing 17 pieces.Comes in fun to collect VHS video case sized box with vintage style artwork. Collect all the kits to create your own horrific scenes!

Tales From The Apocalypse

Concept - Our heroine was suddenly thrown into the world of the living dead. Escaping from a zombie attack, she heads out of town, to save her little sister, Cindy. This plastic model kit series recreates the dreadful encounters she faces moment to moment. Scene 1 (Day 1, 11:50 am on freeway) captures the moment when she awakes surrounded by zombies. The sculpture of our heroine trembling with fear captures the expression of tension and fear. The roaming zombies are captured in detail such as the exposed organs and the graphic wounds exposing bones. As the story goes on, various zombies having different decay will appear. The situation grows worse and worse. What could possibly happen next?

Approximate height: 116 mm (4.57 inches)

Order by October 31, 2017 or it may be gone forever!

Expected Release: 6-8 weeks