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Plamax MF-22: Minimum Factory Darjeeling 1/20th Scale Assemblable Plastic Model Kit Girls Und Panzer Der Film Pre-order

A 1/20th scale plastic model kit to put together your very own Darjeeling figure!

The second character to join the minimum factory GIRLS und Panzer series is the commander of St. Gloriana Girls High School's team, Darjeeling! The plastic model kit features different color molds as well as eye decals, and when put together creates a lovely little palm-sized figure of Dar-sama for fans to enjoy!

The extravagant chair and tea set are also included, and decals for the difficult to paint tea set are included to add some quick and easy patterns. More girls will be joining the series soon, so prepare some more space in your collection for the Way of the Tank!

Approximate Height: 65mm (2.56 inches) when built. Includes super kawaii eye decals!

Order by January 9, 2018or it may be gone forever!

Expected Release: July - August 2018