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Devilman Crybaby Statue - Real Color Version Pre-order


At a whopping 27 inches tall, the devastatingly ferocious “DEVILMAN crybaby” statue makes its worldwide debut!
“DEVILMAN crybaby” Devil Design: Three-dimensional polystone statue based on Kiyotaka Oshima’s image visual!
Go Nagai’s DEVILMAN universe comes to life, as the sinister Amon, in all his malice, takes form and overpowers several demons including Silene and Kaimu by pinning them down to the ground.
The prototype’s stunning arrangement is designed by Shinya Akao/HEADLONG to match that of the original work with polystone fabrication done in cooperation with Gecco Corp. The resulting thick, heavy feel of the polystone accompanied by the immaculate detailing is one that cannot be replicated with PVC figures.
Both Kenji Ando and Norifumi Dohi/FRANKEN are responsible for the coloring, and while the model is the same, the painter’s individuality can be seen within two completely different color schemes.

Real color Version
A realistic and true to form color scheme of Amon and demons. Best known for his excellent paintwork of living, ominous creatures, Norifumi Dohi/FRANKEN does such a great job bringing these demons to life that it will have DEVILMAN fans questioning if they are real!

Approximate height: 686 mm (27 inches)  

Order by February 27, 2018 or it may be gone forever!

Expected Release: November - December 2018

**Adults 18+ or age of majority in your area**