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12 Beast Volume 4

Seven Seas Entertainment

12 Beast is an all-new manga series by Okayado, New York Times bestselling author and artist ofMonster Musume. Incorporating Okayado's signature, sexy spin on mythological creatures,12 Beast is an upbeat, hilarious fantasy about a high school student transported to another world.

Eita Touga, heir apparent to a distinguished line of ninja. Trained daily in vigorous and dangerous ninja arts, and capable of dispatching any assortment of foes...but unfortunately for the Touga Ninja Dojo, Eita has no interest in taking over the family business. More interested in raising flags in a dating-sim than occupying himself with humans of the female variety, Eita has sequestered himself to a life of digital bliss.
That is until one faithful day, life comes-a-knockin'-or rather, kicking! When a mysterious harpy-girl kicks in the door to his family dojo, Eita is about to be spirited away into a world of mythological lore, as he must help assist the denizens of an other-worldly dimension stave off against the invasion of a technologically-advanced empire.

12 Beast Volume 1 Japanese name: (Tueruvu Bīsuto)
Okayado is the creator ofNewYork Times Best-SellerMonster Musume.

Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for teen audiences.