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Meet Alpine Annie!


We are super excited to introduce our new mascot Alpine Annie!

You may ask "How did you decide on Alpine Annie as a name!?" Well, like most things that happen there is a good story to go along with it.

In order to tell the story properly, I must place it in a setting. Hmm, let's see... Ah yes, it was a dark and stormy...

No, actually it was a chilly, but bright Saturday morning. We were on our very first adventure with our bellies full of coffee and doughnuts, a truckload of anime, and bright dreams on the horizon. We set out heading deep into the Colorado Wildlands to a place called Cañón City. After traversing streams, hills, and hot springs while fending off bears, giants, and evil Tengu with our bare hands, we finally arrived at a winery. Once our shop was set up, several locals wandered by in delighted curiosity to view our wares. Upon seeing our banner displaying Alpine Anime and my wife positioned below, they proclaimed, "That must be Alpine Annie!" We instantly thought the name was perfect for our mascot.

Now that we had a name, our wonderful new mascot needed to be visualized. We worked closely with Jeff Nice, sending him images of things we liked and ideas that popped into our heads. As if by magic he made them into Alpine Annie. We truly feel he did an amazing job and we are very proud to share Annie with the world. You can contact him at

Alpine Annie is excited to join the Alpine Anime family and can't wait to share her passion for anime (she really enjoys anime about food) with you.