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New 『Candy Pop』Music Video Brings Anime to Life!

January 11, 2018

New 『Candy Pop』Music Video Brings Anime to Life!

This morning while I was looking for new anime recommendations, I kept coming across these adorable images of pop idols singing and dancing and on the run from the police!

Of course you see an image like this and you have to find the anime right away!

But this isn’t an anime at all!

These images are actually from a music video that hit the web today for TWICE’s second Japanese single, 『Candy Pop』!

I had never heard of TWICE before today but I immediately fell in love with them through their video. It’s animated brilliantly and every moment in the visuals matches the tone of the music. The story of the video is also a bit of a childhood dream.

A little girl sits alone in her bedroom. It’s filled with toys and sweet designs but despite the cheery backdrop, the girl seems depressed. As she holds a calendar, gazing at March 14th, we realize she must be nervous about White Day coming up! She must be thinking about the boy she likes and wondering if she’s worthy to receive some chocolates (of course she is!).

Unable to focus, she plops in front of the television to distract herself with one of her favorite anime, Candy Pop!

But during the show, on the other side of the TV, the broadcast fails! The anime-styled members of TWICE look out and see the sad girl and know what they have to do! They have to reach her!

They burst out of the studio (again, so much energy in the animation to match the music!) and are immediately confronted by the authorities! But they must make their escape into the real world to cheer up that girl!

A man who I can only assume is their manager (please manage me, senpai) drives a candy-coated van to their rescue and it’s through this vehicle that they make their escape and eventually burst into the real world!

During the chase, TWICE transforms from their anime personas into their real world personas, and we get a Who Framed Roger Rabbit style blend of cartoon and real world characters that makes a really fun ride!

Seeing TWICE burst onto the scene into the little girl’s bedroom made me really smile. It’s basically every child’s (and child at heart’s) dream come true to see their favorite characters jump out of the TV into the real world just to hang out with them!

So go check out TWICE’s new music video 『Candy Pop』 on YouTube and experience the sweet magic for yourself! At the time of this writing, I’ve already hit that replay button four times. >.>

Watch TWICE's 『Candy Pop』On YouTube Here!


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